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New Order Hub 2021

The Order Hub is being switched to a more robust software platform from Monday evening 3/8 to Tuesday evening on 3/9. Keep an eye out in your email for instructions on logging in once the process is complete. Thank you for your patience!

Benefits to Buyers:

  • Faster ordering.
  • Build your order over several days and confirm before the deadline.
  • Add additional users to your account to help manage ordering.
  • Notification of order period opening and reminder to confirm order
  • Better product availability manager so you get everything you order.
  • If paying by credit card, payment is not processed until the order is edited and confirmed for delivery. No more credits or additional charges.

Benefits to Vendors

  • Vendor dashboard to manage your business and product information.
  • List product availability weekly or automatically update availability from week to week.
  • Automated pick list or purchase order sent to you when ordering closes.
  • The ability to edit your portion of an order if for some reason it can’t be fulfilled.
  • Transparency so you know exactly where your products are going and can build better relationships with YOUR customers.