Pesticide-free Green Loose Leaf Tea, Foodservice 1 lb

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Single origin, Sencha-style green tea from Rwanda (steamed like a Japanese green, not fried like a Chinese green). Selected as “Best Green Tea” at the Africa Tea Convention, this award-winning tea is hand-harvested and steamed with no oxidation, creating a fresh, smooth tea with mild astringency and high antioxidants.  Hints of peach and a unique earthy flavor. This is a premium grade OP which means we pluck only the top two leaves and they are twisted, leaving the full flavor and health benefits to be enjoyed.

Recommended serving size 2 grams. Steep @ 170 degrees for 2 minutes. Do not oversteep!
For an incredible cold steep tea, use 3.5 grams per serving. Steep in the fridge for 3 hours.
1 pound packed in a resealable bag.

Certified Organic. Certified Fair Trade. Certified WBENC.
The purchase of this product helps to support a community of 100,000 people in Rwanda.

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