Interested in becoming a Regional Goods vendor?

Advantages to selling through Regional Goods

  • Manage your local distribution in one place.
  • Control your product availability and pricing directly.
  • Know where your products are going and communicate with store buyers.
  • Manage inventory in a Regional Goods warehouse or deliver to our warehouse once weekly for delivery to all of your customers.
  • Get paid with confidence for all of your orders directly from Regional Goods.

How it works

Our retail and restaurant buyers from across NC and SC place orders throughout the week, and at order deadline, we collect the products from our vendors and deliver them directly to our customers.

When you become a Regional Goods vendor, you will receive a login to our online vendor dashboard, where you control and manage your products, company information, availability ,and price you want to get from selling through Regional Goods.  You can add and remove products, set and limit availability each week and keep a check on your orders.

  • You list your products for sale through the Regional Goods Order Hub
  • You set the price to what you want to get paid from Regional Goods.
  • Regional Goods marks up the price to a reasonable wholesale margin.
  • Store and restaurant buyers login and place orders from multiple producers at one time.
  • You receive a pick list shortly after ordering closes for your portion of those orders.
  • You get them ready and deliver (or arrange pick up if available) from Regional Goods that week.
  • Regional Goods then consolidates and delivers those orders to the customers.
  • You get paid!
    • Payment is made on net 30 terms to you and we handle payment receipt from the stores that purchase from you.  If the product is delivered, you get paid whether they pay Regional Goods or not.

Where we go

Check here for our current service area.

What’s different?

Regional Goods is different from traditional distributors.  Why?  Because local works different!  We focus on small business to small business, because together that just makes for better long term relationships. 

Why not just do it yourself?

How much is your time worth?  How much is the time of your customers worth?  Regional Goods is about saving time and consolidating resources.  Our founder was in your shoes, in fact Regional Goods is a result of a collaboration of local producers who worked together to expand their reach, increase their efficiency, and save store buyers from receiving one local delivery after another and writing one check after another.  Some times the line of vendors waiting was longer than the line of customers checking out!

Yes, it will cost you a little bit of margin, but it will result in more time for you to market and grow your business and more time for buyers to sell your products!

If you have any questions in the meantime, please contact us!

If you’re ready to get started, then….

Thank you for your interest in working with Regional Goods!